On 3 December 1940, Air Directorate Order No. 212/1158 stipulated that the "South African Air Force Ensign was to be flown at all Air Force Stations together with the Ensign of the Royal Air Force". On 17 December 1940 a General Order created the first

distinctive ensign for the SAAF, having a rectangular sky blue flag; with the national flag of the Union of South Africa in the upper hoist canton and in the fly, a roundel composed of three concentric, equally wide rings, from the outside inwards of dark blue, white and orange." It must be remembered that although the SAAF used the Royal Air Force Ensign in its initial years, it was not a branch of the RAF or of the SA Army. Besides the RAF, the SAAF was the only other independent Air Force in the world.

South African Air Force Ensign (1920 - 1940)

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