Using the Library

The Library & Archives of the SAAF Museum, which contains irreplaceable historical materials, actively encourages the use of the Museum's research materials to further the public's education of aviation and history and technology. To preserve these valuable materials for future users, researchers will be required to observe certain rules while using the facilities.

Research Requests

SAAF Museum staff and volunteers can often answer simple questions over the telephone, but more detailed requests should be made in writing, preferably by email. Requests for information should be as specific as possible and include a phone number, email address, and/or a return mail address. Archives staff will make a search of the holdings in response to inquiries, but more detailed inquiries may require a visit to the Archives. Response times depend on the complexity of the subject matter and may necessitate a research fee (currently, R125 per hour). Responses will be sent via email if possible; but some documents, photographs, or technical drawings may need to be sent via mail.