The engines of the Buccaneer are started by means of high pressure air generated by the Palouste air starter powered by a Rolls-Royce Palouste jet engine. This engine idles at 25 000 rpm and runs at 35 000 rpm when delivering full power on aircraft engine start.  The Rolls-Royce Nimbus engine that powered the Westland Wasp helicopters formerly used by the SAAF was developed from the Palouste.

The Palouste starter can be transported as an under-wing store in place of a fuel tank to enable the Buccaneer to operate from aerodromes or airfields where this type of equipment is unavailable.  The starter has a set of wheels plus tow handle that store inside the starter casing while being transported and are easily attached when needed to move the equipment on the ground.  The starter weighs only 445 kg (980 lb).